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Ever wanted to read the whole Bible, but didn't know how to start? Being such a vast text, the Bible is one of the most difficult books to complete. Many of us have started it with high spirits, only to abandon it some time later. For those persons who have the intention of reading the Scriptures in a certain amount of time, this little program would prove very useful. As its name implies, the Bible Reading Plan Generator allows you to create a plan for reading any of the books in the Bible. You only need to enter the book's name in the upper window, and the amount of time you intend to assign to its reading. The program will create a reading plan automatically, dividing the total verses and chapters of the book by the time alloted, indicating the chapters and the estimated number of words you need to read each day for achieving your goal. It also tells you which are the longest and the shortest passages and the percentage in which they fall short or exceed the target daily amount of words to read. You can adjust the complexity of the calculation between faster and more accurate. Also, you can decide if you want to divide the reading in equal parts or according the divisions of the book. If you are a cleric, scholar or a layperson who wants to read the Bible, this little, free program will make your life easier.

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